logoOklahoma Compassionate Care Campaign is seeking endorsements from Oklahomans for medical marijuana. Please go here for more info. Oklahomans Voice Their Experiences With Medical marijuana.

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activist ladiesActivist Ladies Offer Legislators Advice on Medical Marijuana--"Get Busy!" here. More on Cathy Jordon, shown on the left in video here.

RosenfeldLegal Federal Medical Marijuana Patient Irvin Rosenfeld Testifies Before a Michigan State Legislative Committee here. More info here.

patientEddie of South Carolina Tells of His Experience With Medical Marijuana.

autismMother Credits Medical Marijuana For Saving Her Autistic Son's Life. Video here.

Montel WilliamsView Montel Williams Highly Compelling Medical Marijuana Show From 2004. It's Still Quite Relevant Today. He is a Medical Marijuana User.


"I have come to doubt whether the FDA rules should apply to cannabis. There is no question about its safety. It is one of humanity's oldest medicines, used for thousands of years by millions of people with very little evidence of significant toxic effects. More is known about its adverse effects than about those of most prescription drugs." Dr. Lester Grinspoon, retired professor of psychiatry at Harvard. Recent interview with Dr. Grinspoon here.

Medical Marijuana Gets Boost From the American Medical Association

A List of the Medical Organizations That Endorse Medical Marijuana.

red arrow In 2001, four long term legal medical marijuana patients were given medical exams. Results discussed here in a three part video.

red arrow Medical Marijuana Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol 2/17/2010 and here.

red arrow Why is Marijuana Illegal?
red arrow The Science of Medical Marijuana Prohibition

red arrow Safe Access Now
(Defending Patients' Access to Medical Marijuana)

red arrow Medical Marijuana Briefing Paper 2011

red arrow Study Shows Medical Marijuana Laws Don't Increase Teen Marijuana Use.

red arrow New Studies Destroy the Last Objection to Medical Marijuana

red arrow U. S. Supreme Court Declines Reviewing Police Ordered Return of Medical Marijuana. Details here.



your legislators at the State Capitol to let them be aware you support legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Find and E-mail your legislators here. Also please consider donating to this cause. Info for doing that can be found here.

Will Foster

"I am going to be an activist. It is up to us to change these laws. And it is going to take money, because if we don't put in the money we aren't going to win. That is the bottom line. My medical use of marijuana never interfered with my work; I ran a successful business. I told my conservative doctor what I was doing; he did not really agree with it because of the health risk of smoking, but he witnessed my positive results. I was minding my own business taking care of my health and my family. What was I doing to anybody that got me 93 years?" By former Oklahoman Will Foster after his release from prison. He was convicted of cultivating marijuana, used for his own medical purposes.

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

FROM A READER: I live in Oklahoma and I have Lupus along with other medical conditions. I have been put on & taken off meds by the doctors. I would rather be on something natural that helps me live a normal life instead of evil medication doctors are paid to put you on. I'm tired of suffering and dying at the same time with no legal solution that works for me. Oklahoma needs to understand not everyone can deal with medications that are made by man. If its such a Christian state OKLAHOMA SHOULD ALLOW MEDICAL MARIJUANA TO PEOPLE SUFFERING!!

Oklahomans Might Vote On Legalizing Medical Marijuana In November

Details here

Sen. Connie Johnson

View video here of Sen. Johnson's speech as given on the south side of the Oklahoma State Capitol for Marijuana Lobby Day on Feb. 12th

Oklahomans Take Medical Look at Marijuana at Feb. 12th State Capitol Hearing

Testimony about the medical value of marijuana was presented to a state senate committee on Feb. 12th at the state capitol by concerned parents, a medical marijuana grower and a doctor. More on this here.

Supporters of medical marijuana labelled the day as Medical Marijuana Lobby Day. The subject discussed had nothing to do with smoking, and it is not a substance people would use to get high. The product discussed is an oil very low in THC — the psychotropic compound of cannabis that produces its notorious “high.” Instead, the product is produced from cannabis plants specifically bred for a high level of cannabidiol — a compound with a calming effect on the brain. The United States Department of Health and Human Services has itself held a patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants since 2003. Continued here.

Supporting Only High CBD Marijuana Still Leaves Room For Obstacles

Word is out about the benefits of high-CBD medical cannabis. Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured the strain Charlotte’s Web on the CNN documentary Weed, and suddenly legislators who had never supported medical cannabis before are coming around. Well, sort of. In Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Utah, bills have been introduced to allow just this one type of cannabis—renamed Alepsia to make it more palatable to marijuana foes—to be used to help children with epilepsy. As great as it is to see support for this valuable medication come from unexpected places (Utah?!), let’s not forget that Charlotte’s Web is not the only strain of high-CBD cannabis out there. There’s no reason to start a frenzy over this one strain when so many others can help stop seizures. Cont. here.

Parents, Lawmaker Rally For Medical Marijuana at State Capitol

November 2, 2013 was an amazing, historical day for the Oklahoma medical marijuana movement. No seminar for medical marijuana had ever been presented inside the State Capitol.

In one epileptic patient's instance, it was revealed that only a marijuana strain high in CBD and very low in THC worked well. The unedited audio of the entire seminar, nearly three hours long, can be heard here. The text news story here. Video here. Read of a visitor's impression of the event here. - IT'S OK TO HAVE THE COURAGE TO CARE.

Find who your legislators are to contact on medical marijuana here.

BLOG: Legalizing Marijuana, Meeting A Senator, CNN, The Realm Of Caring, and Sweet Avacake!
One Oklahoma's Family Moves to Colorado For Medical Marijuana. Story here.


New Sooner Poll shows 71.2% of those interviewed endorse the decriminalization of medical marijuana. More info here.

Oklahoma Marijuana Medicine

In 2004, we started Oklahoma Compassionate Care Campaign for medical marijuana. Since then, many brave Oklahomans have endorsed the campaign and some have offered to get more involved. Well, that time has finally arrived and we are going to start filming interviews for our documentary "Oklahoma Marijuana Medicine." We will be focusing on Oklahomans with legitimate medical issues, medical professionals and, of course, politicians.

The documentary (full length and segments) will be distributed as widely as possible around the Internet and other media. We will have a special focus on accessing free public service time around the state and border areas. Oklahomans need to know that there are people all around them that want the law to change. All ya'll please contact us if you want to participate in this project (i.e. research, be interviewed, and/or organizing showings). "The marijuana laws are based on prejudice, greed and fairy tales. Reality is that the laws are the real problem." Jeff Pickens, President, DPRNOK

Yukon Family Pushes To Legalize Medical Marijuana In Oklahoma For Autistic Son

red arrow Story profiled on KWTV 9 Oklahoma City. Video here
red arrow Also Profiled on KOCO 5 Oklahoma City here.

These Top Anti-Drug Proponents Change Their Minds, Now Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana:

red arrow Dr. Donald Tashkin, anti marijuana researcher for the National Institute on Drug Abuse
red arrow Dr. David E. Krahl, Ph.D., former Deputy Director of the Drug Free America Foundation
red arrow John J. Dilulio, Jr., co-author - How to Win America's War Against Crime and Drugs
red arrow New California Studies Show Marijuana Effective for Relieving Chronic Pain and Easing Muscle Spasms

red arrow U. S. Government Owns Patent on Medical Marijuana
red arrow 81% Surveyed Back Med Marijuana, but Feds Won't Budge

Medical marijuana isn't allowed as a defense in court in Oklahoma

"Marijuana is Medicine" Forum Held in Edmond.

On April 19, 2009, we had an opportunity to learn about the medical aspects of marijuana (cannabis) at a pubic meeting in Edmond sponsored by the Drug Policy Forum of Oklahoma. Two health care professionals gave informative talks and two potential candidates for medical use (if it were legal) discussed their points of view. More here...

DPRNOK and OCCC Need Your Support!


We need Oklahomans who could benefit from medical marijuana to tell their stories and/or even testify to legislators about those who are either sick or in pain and who want or need medical marijuana. All interviews will be kept private unless we have your permission to tell your story.

red arrow Please use this online form to tell your story, or phone 918-609-3095.
red arrow Mail to: DPRNOK, P O BOX 10641, Midwest City, OK 73140

Please call your OK senator and representative and tell them to sponsor, or support, the Oklahoma Compassionate Care Medical Marijuana bill. Find and e-mail your state legislators here, or off the Internet at the Oklahoma Election Board (405)521-2391, or contact your county election board.

Please Make Online Donation to Help Advance This Cause:

Donate Now!
Have questions about OCCC and DPRNOK? Call 918-609-3095 or Email

red arrow Annual DPRNOK Meeting Held

On Jan. 11, 2014, the Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma met at the Gypsy Coffee House in downtown Tulsa. The coffee shop was a great place to meet. We really appreciate the comfortable seating and great service. This was the most productive first meeting we've had in years! In open discussion members and guests discussed a wide range of drug policy reform (i.e. medical marijuana campaign, ballot initiatives, government allies, event booths and helping the Arkansas Medical Marijuana movement).

Five new members joined on the spot. We also elected four completely new board members! The board now consists of four males and three females! We haven't had any women on the board for at least three years! Three of the board members are from the Tulsa area. This is also a great improvement in state wide diversity.

drug peace

Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma

DPRNOK serves the public with info and expert opinion about drugs based on concepts of freedom, liberty and responsibility.

Coming from a state where a family man, Will Foster, was initially sentenced to prison for 93 years and fined $65,000 after growing marijuana to treat his rheumatoid arthritis pain, the Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma (DPRNOK) is a group of concerned citizens seeking to open up for discussion alternatives to current drug policy.

We believe that the attempt to use the criminal justice system to discourage drug abuse or the so called "war on drugs" has backfired. It simply does not work, and the unintended consequences are now causing more damage to society than the drugs themselves could ever have caused. For too long this critical issue has been obscured by myth, misinformation and an absence of intelligent debate.

Our intent is that the information made available will increase the level and quality of the debate so that citizens may be in better positions to affect change toward a sane drug policy.

Changes in drug policy that DPRNOK believes to be desirable can be found below under our mission statement. Also DPRNOK calls for a Drug War Truce with Peace Negotiations. It also sponsors the Oklahoma Compassionate Care Campaign as highlighted on the left.

The DPRNOK Mission
  1. Support drug policies based on public health and education, instead of criminal justice.
  2. End racially discriminatory drug policies and enforcement measures.
  3. Support science based drug education and end support for ineffective programs.
  4. Differentiate between “use” and “abuse”.
  5. Make methadone maintenance and other treatment readily available.
  6. Remove obstacles for proper use of medications for pain and terminal illness.
  7. Support medical marijuana.
  8. End criminal penalties for marijuana, except for distribution to children.
  9. Allow U.S. farmers to cultivate hemp.
  10. Repeal mandatory minimums. End incarceration for simple possession.
  11. End discrimination against people with past drug problems or offenses.
  12. Support harm reduction programs, such as syringe exchange, to reduce HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases.
  13. End asset forfeiture abuses.

"Take it from a businessman: The War on Drugs is just money down the drain."
Gary E. Johnson, Governor of New Mexico (1995-2003)

"Penalties for the possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individial than the use of the drug itself."
Jimmy Carter, 39th U. S. President

"We need at least to consider and examine forms of controlled legalization of drugs."
George Shultz, Former U. S. Secretary of State

"Can any policy, however high minded, be moral if it leads to widespread corruption, imprisons so many, has so racist an effect, destroys our inner cities, wreaks havoc on misguided and vulnerable individuals and brings death and destruction to foreign countries?"
Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize Winner, Economics

"Eighty-five million Americans have experimented with illegal drugs. Since the object of criminal law is to detect and punish the wrongdoer, should we reason that 85 million of us should have spend time in jail?"
William F. Buckley, Jr., Founder, National Review
Dr. VolkmannHow One Medical Doctor Views the Political Insanity Over Marijuana and Other Drug Use While Offering Suggestions for Changes in Public Policy
Howard and MistyCop on Horseback Tells of Biggest Failed Social Experiment Since Slavery
Also by this cop: Last Gasp Rhetoric of the Prohibition Crowd
Carl HartMeet Carl Hart, the Neuroscientist Debunking America's Myths on Drugs Here
His Video

"The biggest legislative flub-up of the century
was the criminalization of drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. On a federal level, the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 and the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 made it illegal to possess or sell such drugs. Numerous federal and state statutes have further codified anti-drug laws. The result has been the creation of a criminal drug subculture, increased drug use and drug-related crimes, and poor allocation of law enforcement resources."Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School professor

"It is time for America to move beyond its moral crusade and adopt a public-health approach to the problem of drug abuse, an approach that is likely to be much more successful and certainly more humane." The Lancet, a leading medical journal

Drug War Clock

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